PRESS RELEASE November 2010 /PRNewswire—

David Goldman, founder of Goldman Physical Therapy located in Tenafly NJ, is a Physical Therapist specializing in proper ergonomics in the work place. Goldman says, “A lot of the people we treat have desk jobs and spend a majority of their day sitting. Poor ergonomics and weak, over-stretched muscles are major factors contributing to back, neck, shoulder pain and carpel tunnel syndrome.” As a result of the high demand for office related aches and pains, Goldman devised key factors in a better work atmosphere for your body.


Goldman says, “Poor posture leads to muscle imbalance and causes uneven tension on joints which leads to pain.” For example a person leaning over a computer for hours will develop tight anterior and over stretched posterior muscles. This eventually pulls the shoulder girdle out of proper alignment. Overuse of particular muscle groups will become problematic and lead to long-term injury and pain if not treated with therapy and exercise. Goldman adds, “Healthy posture requires a balance on all sides of the joint. To maintain the health of a joint, the strength and flexibility of opposing muscles must be equal. If one side of the joint is strong and tight and the other side of the joint is lax and weak the posture of the joint will loose alignment. This is a leading cause of soft tissue inflammation or cartilage break